VHS: On Video Skateboarding - Summer 2000. SIGNED by BAM MARGERA

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If like me you still have your VHS videos then you will enjoy this vintage, and now signed, tape in your collection...or you could just have it for the the way it looks in your room...., or maybe display it to educate your kids of what we used to have in the 'olden days' before Netflix and Downloads! ;)

Bam came over to the Island in 2018 and it was good to chat him. He had a bit of a skate, and then kindly signed a bunch of stuff for us. ... I also ollied over him haha true story. Unknown bucket list entry on that one

This ON Video premiere issue featured Mike Vallely, Tosh Townend and Bam Margera sections, an in-depth look at the career of Danny Way, and much more.

Also featuring (younger versions of) tons of your favorite skaters including: Jeremy Wray, Ed Templeton, Bob Burnquist, Gonz, Kerry Getz, Reese Forbes, Arto, Jamie Thomas, Mike Carroll, Sheffey, Hensley and so many more.

20 years on, and it's still as good as it was back in the day.