INSTAGRAM: @j.cattle

JOHN (weird writing about myself so someone else gave it a go!)
His love of all things creative when it comes to skating means you're unlikely to see him doing the crowd pleasing tricks, but you might just catch him spending hours, at a crusty spot, working on getting one particular make, that people might even struggle to put a name to. 
He loves nothing more than talking about skating, watching skating, and teaching skating...so much so, he made a career out of it. 
If you want to do any of the above then he'll make time for you. 
John's a product of the 90's skate scene, and that's reflective in the skaters he admires, the films he enjoys and pretty much the clothes he still wears!
He has thousands of hours of skate footage recorded over the last 3 decades...much of it we've never seen. If there ever comes a time when he can't skate, he'll spend his time editing that and getting it out. But retirement is a long way off, so for the moment, Long Live Wight Trash.