FLYNN was someone I met a Winchester comp in 1992 and we've been friends since. He's also known as The General and is a true warrior on his board. If you want a treat then go back through his back catalogue and enjoy the magic.
Flynn's been a heavy hitter on a number of U.K. brands over the years including Blueprint, 5050, Reaction, and Euro company Creme. When he said yes to riding for us many moons ago that was one of my best days.
You'll now see Flynn spending his time adulting with a proper job, and often find him foraging for mushrooms (of the legal variety!)....honest.
And he's literally just become a Dad to a baby girl.

I could watch Flynn skate anything forever and we would have seen some new footage if it wasn't for the nob end that is Covid-19. But good skating times will come soon, so look out for that.