INSTAGRAM: @neighborhoodskateboards

JULIO is another skater who's a personal favourite of mine. When I contacted him to see if he'd be a guest rider I wasn't sure if he'd be interested but turns out this super nice guy was stoked to be asked. Anyone who remembers Julio's New Deal parts knows how insane his ability and creativity is on a board. The best of 90's skateboarding when the trousers were big, the wheels were small and de la Cruz gave us some ultra tech street skating. 
Chatting to Julio recently, I asked which of his tricks took the longest. He said "If it took 10 tries I was over it". That's nuts when you go back through his parts, knowing that he made all of them in just a few goes.
If only it was that easy for the rest of us! 
The extremely talented Jon Horner came up with his graphic based on my very first legit board, a Sims Eric Nash Bandito.