...our skate company and skate shop based on the Isle of Wight. (It's a place thing not a race thing!)

I started skating as a teenager, after watching 'Back to the Future' with a couple of buddies from school.

In time I was lucky enough to get some sponsorship and travel the UK and beyond. People  started asking for T-shirts and what skate stuff I could get hold of,  so I figured I would make some of my own.
Wight Trash was a phrase me and my friends used as kids,  back then plenty of people would have seen skaters as just that - so it was a handy play on words. 

With help from the legendary Don Brider, we started producing some logo tees and stickers. hoodies and then  boards with the help of another legend, Nick Zorlac aka Death Skateboards. By 2004, I was lucky enough to make just enough to pay the rent, so quit the day job for a life of skating.

We strive to produce the best and sometimes the stupidest random things, clothing, and skateboards, all of which are tested by our rag tag kick-ass team. We don't sell anything we don't use ourselves day in day out.

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If you're ever on the island come and find us at our shop. You can hang out, play retro games machines, just chill out in the garden OR have a turn on 'THE THING' to get your name on the 'Wall of Doom'!

We're really stoked to live here, but the island has limited skate facilities. We're working hard to change this. So when you buy from us, either in person or online, you're helping to support our skate community.

Through our not for profit community   skate club, we now teach a whole new generation. The philosophy is simple, do your own thing, skate for fun and support the independent UK skate scene.

I hope to see you at a trash spot soon.

John Cattle
Wight Trash

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