AGE: 41. C.A USA.                         
INSTAGRAM: @moulyalx 

ALEX is a legend of the UK skate scene and beyond.

Hailing from Abingdon, Oxford, he was sponsored at the age of 12 and was influential to anyone skating during those years. He was coming up with tricks that no one had seen before, and really put meaning into being creative with your skating, rather than just copying what you'd see on videos, arguably the first to do a number of tricks that are common place now a days. 

We lost him to the USA back in the late 90's but he remains a UK skateboarding treasure. Great to see Mouly still on a board, after a few years of various injuries. 

We had some fun times back in the day, a few adventures that I will always be grateful for experiencing. Alex has been associated with Wight Trash through various deck graphics for the last 10 years, and through the boards we're able to educate a new generation of skaters in a crucial slice of skating history.