INSTAGRAM: @Champagnesupergrover

BEN is sponsored by a load of big hitters so when he accepted a guest board with us it was another great day for me.
Appearing in Blueprints Belong Tour video in 2002, he was quickly viewed as one of the best in the UK, a title that's still very much his all these years later. 
He's such a machine on his board, and for me, a modern day Frank.
An all out madman for gaps and rails but getting tech along with that too.
As one of Manchester's finest, Ben chose a legend of the city for his graphic, fully endorsed by his Grandad, and we'e pleased to say Calum Best too.  Jon Horner penned a fantastic George Best for him. Its not often that skateboarding and football mix, but in this instance we were happy to go with it. 
If you are looking for some truly entertaining skating then check out anything with Grove in it.