TRUCKS: BULLET/OJ Undercarriage Set.

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Bullet Trucks with OJ Wheels Undercarriage Kit

Easy, quick and does the job well - perfect for first set ups for kids or adults.

Bullet trucks are a good all rounder, sturdy standard hanger, with medium-soft 88a bushings, so good for smaller skaters or those who like their trucks on the lose side. Comes with OJ team wheels 53mm/99a, and Abec 3 bearings.

Sold as a set

All you need is a deck - and we'll throw in the grip and bolts for free. 

Deck Width / Truck Size

  • 130mm - for decks 7.5" - 7.75"
  • 140mm - for decks 7.75"- 8"
  • 145mm - For decks 8"- 8.375"

Sold as a set, standard 1" bolts included for FREE.