TECH DECK: Shredline 360 Motorized Skate Park

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Tech Deck Shredline 360 Motorized Skate Park

Get ready for some non-stop shredding with the Tech Deck Shredline 360 – the only motorized Tech Deck ramp! Use the obstacle plates and X-Connectors to set up different combinations and hit obstacles in an endless loop!

Switch speeds and directions on this 20-inch wide obstacle course. It’s the ultimate training ground! Slow down to hone your skills or pick up the spinning action as you challenge your friends!

Add to your finger skateboard collection and skate your creation with the exclusive Thank You fingerboard included in the set.

With the X-Connect Park Creator series ramps, you can connect multiple sets such as the Flip N’ Grind, Competition Wall, Neon Mega Park and Sk8 Garage ramp sets (each sold separately) to build the ultimate facility for you to shred.

Build your Tech Deck mini skateboard collection and Tech Deck obstacles to create the ultimate Tech Deck skatepark. Great holiday, Christmas, birthday gift cool toys for skate-lovers ages 6 and up!

Each pack includes: 1 Tech Deck, 6 Obstacle Plates, 6 X-Connector Plates, 1 Spinning Motor, 2 Sticker Sheets, 15 X-Connectors, 6 Wheels, 1 Instruction Sheet