SANTA CRUZ: Kendall Friend of the World Reissue Deck - 10"

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Santa Cruz Kendall Friend of the world reissue skateboard deck 10"

Santa Cruz Skateboards Kendall Friend of the World Reissue deck with re-envisioned graphics by Jeremy Fish, based on the original artwork by Jim Phillips with spot matte graphic and 50th Anniversary decktop laser etched logo.


  • Deck Concave: Cruise Missile II
  • Deck Construction: 7-ply
  • Deck Length (Inches): 29.7
  • Deck Noselength (Inches): 3.9
  • Deck Shape: SC-175
  • Deck Taillength (Inches): 6.6125
  • Deck Wheelbase (Inches): 15
  • Deck Width (Inches): 10.00
  • 7 ply Canadian Maple