PADSET: Pro-Tec Street Gear Junior 3-Pack - Checker

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Pro-Tec Junior Street Gear 3-Pack - Retro (Black/White Chequered)

A scaled-down version of the Pro-Tec street pads and wrist guards, made to fit the next generation of shredders.

Pro-Tec sets the industry standard for innovative protective gear. Using durable fabrics, impact absorbing foams, and full-coverage hard-caps to provide maximum protection without restricting movement.
Knee, Elbow and Wrist Guards

Available in Youth Small (approx 6-8yrs) and Youth Medium Sizes (approx age 8-12yrs)

• Locked in EVA foam (ethylene-vinyl acetate),
An ergonomic design that “locks in” your knees for optimal fit and maximum protection.
• Ballistic Nylon,
Ultra-tough ballistic nylon that resists tears and protects your knees from skids and scrapes.
• Hard Cap,
A curved cap that allows better fit and protection.
• Perforated Neoprene,
Allows for better ventilation keeping you cool and dry.