LOVENSKATE SKATEBOARDS: 'Sunny Side Up' 8.5" & 8.75"

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Lovenskate 'Sunny Side Up' Deck. 

A re-release of the British Breakfast theme, with a ‘Hosoi’ twist.


  • Width 8.5" & 8.75" (discounted due to slight sunfading)
  • Hand screened.
  • Free Grip

Based in East London, and having been making Zines, T-shirts and Printing skateboards since 2001, Lovenskate is a true representation of what we love about Skateboarding – all aspects, the enjoyment, the creativity, the exploration and the dedication.

Lovenskate decks are hand screened in house by owner Stu Smith. The vibe is all about fun with their witty graphics and and obsession with tea has given their boards and skate clothing a very British feel