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PLEASE NOTE - We have limited stock but final run will be printed in the next 2 weeks. If we cannot fulfill your order straight away you will be notified. We cannot give refunds on these so if you want a deck straight away please give us a shout to check stock amounts - Call 01983 717077 or DM us on Facebook/Instagram

 Many many years ago on a little island, John Cattle had a vision..."what if we could just get EVERYONE skating?".

Over the years John started going into schools, getting them young, and introducing them to the 4 wheeled fun boards. Word spread, more and more children wanted to experience the joy of these wooden toys...and then even the adults couldn't resist.  Travelling the island from town to town, John Cattle hooked them in, the adrenaline, the sense of achievement, the wind through their hair... they couldn't get enough. 

Then one day - call it divine intervention! - John was allowed to bring his followers to church! And John Cattle's Skate Club was fully formed. 

Since then the club has grown, now with around 300 attendees every week, from toddlers to adults, brand new skaters, experienced skaters, Kids, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, all enjoying our purpose built skatepark at the church. 

This couldn't be done without the help of the VERY BEST skate coaches. SO HERE THEY ARE...on a board. ADAM, JOHN, TOBY, KRIS and SEAN. We love our team, they work super hard all year round, continuing to spread the vision that John started. 

Artwork by Adam Brown. Isle of Wight Caricatures (INSTA adam_adamart) 

They would love to see you skating their faces. 

LIMITED RUN - if you want one get your orders in. 

And don't worry we haven't forgotten skate coach Olivia..she wasn't about when the graphic was getting sorted but we have some plans for next year for a GIRLZ SQUAD SKATE CLUB DECK!