WIGHT TRASH: Nowik's Cockadoodle Doom 8.25", 8.5".8.875"

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Oh Dear! It's the Cockadoodle Doom!

It has become a classic, these have gone all over the world, ended up under Christmas Tree's across the globe, been brought for friends, Dads, Bro's, Mum's and Nans. Who wouldn't be delighted with the Nowik Cock-a-doodle Deck.

One for the collectors and for those who like a comedy session.

Another awesome graphic from the mind of Jon Horner.

Available in sizes...
8.25" -  It's not about the size it's what you do with it!
8.5" - Noticeably Girthy!
8.875" - What the hell you expect me to do with that chunky Girth!