EMO SKATES: Mini Banana Spark Plate

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When a well known sparky tail plate was unavailable for a while in the UK due to production issues, our good pal, Emo Skates, who was already creating various skateboard parts, as well as decks, got to work so we could still be stocked up. 

These mini banana's are 12cm in length so fit nicely on the tail of any deck, with 2 small screws (provided). They are inserted with 6 (1 more than a top branded equivalent) flint points, which once hitting the ground will spark up nicely. At just over 1/4" depth they can help ward off razor tail if you want to keep them in place well after the sparks have dried up. 

They've been tried and tested by several skaters, all giving a thumbs up to the sparky times.  

Colours are randomly selected, however if there is a specific colour you are after then please leave a comment in the notes and we will try our best to get that to you but as colour variants change regularly we can't guarantee what is available.