DVD: Note Skateshop - Workers and Lurkers

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A film by Joe Gavin

"Workers & Lurkers was made in 2006 and is the ultimate Manchester scene video for a few reasons. It was the first Manchester scene DVD (not VHS) and was made before the days of throw away internet vids. People were either banned from or bored of Bones and it was before the days of Platts and the Pumpcage so most skaters were having at in the city streets. The scene was really tight at the time and nobody was stirring up beef or bull shit so nearly everyone got involved. Joe's concept was that the video was going to feature the NOTE workers (team) which in those days was Tony Da Silva, Ben Grove, Joe Gavin, Kevin Eley, Mike Mathews, Mark Stockton, Eddie Belvedere and Ollie Tyreman and all the lurkers who were basically anybody else who skated in Manchester or were friends of the shop; Mark Kendrick, Adam Leishman, Deebo, Ste Perry, Victor Skulls, Alex Davies and all the Wisdom MCR crew, Woody, Eastbourne Ben, Stu Bentley, Keith Miller and Gez Curran to name just a few."