DRAWING BOARDS: The Golden Shrimp Costa Rican Series 8", 8.25", & 8.5"

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 As always Ad's illustrations and graphics hold lots of meaning. This series incorporating 2 lovely designs were inspired by his trip to Costa Rica. 

He says...  "I was blown away by the botanical wonders as well as the inspiring indigenous creatures. It was really interesting find out about these plants and creatures so it's a pleasure to share them on the ol' wooden canvas." 

The Golden Shrimp Illustrations include; the Golden Shrimp, Angel's Trumpet, Backeyed Susan, Rattlesnake, Yellow Jacobean, Golden-Browned Chlorophonia, and the Green Crowned Brilliant.

  • Available in 8" 8.25″, 8.5" inches wide 
  • 32″ length
  • 14″ wheelbase.
  • 100% Canadian Maple 
  • FREE griptape
Drawing Boards is a South Coast skater owned and led company established for over a decade, producing high quality hardware and apparel.

Born out of the notorious Fairfield skate scene, Drawing Boards is led by Adam (Ad's) McEvoy who designs all the graphics, and has now expanded a nationwide team.