DRAWING BOARDS: Pro Evan Johnson Deck 7.75" & 8"

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 DRAWING BOARDS: Pro Evan Johnson Deck

Available in 7.75" & 8"

"After Evans filming his "Street Art" section, realising how many NBDs he had done, as well as watching him hold it down with Reynolds and the New Balance team, it was a no brainer that this youth received a pro board. If you ever check his Insta stories you will understand why the deck had to be cat related." - Ad, Drawing Boards.

    Drawing Boards is a South Coast skater owned and led company established for over a decade, producing high quality hardware and apparel.

    Born out of the notorious Fairfield skate scene, led by Adam McEvoy who creates all the graphics, Drawing Boards has now expanded to include a great nationwide team. 

    Check out the Street Art video here