DRAWING BOARDS: 'Mandala' Deck, 8.25"

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 Drawingboards 'Mandala' Deck 8.25"

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Drawing Boards is a South Coast skater owned and led company established for over a decade, producing high quality hardware and apparel.

Born out of the notorious Fairfield skate scene, Drawing Boards has now expanded nationwide with a team including Jak Tonge, Liam Teague, Isaac Miller, Adam Keats and tech wizard Ash Challis. The full UK team appeared in Draw The Line, the first-ever Drawing Boards full-length promo video, which dropped in 2012.

The designs are driven by everyone involved and drawn by Adam McEvoy. Where we are putting 'willys' on boards, Ad's actually thinks about every graphic, there is always a great back story to each one. You can check some of that out here