DEATH SKATEBOARDS: Mark Radden (Radman) ‘Skull Girls’ 8″, 8.25", 8.5"

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An amazing graphic for Mark Redden's first Pro Board on Death. Great detail, and we love the gold tooth. 
Available in 8, 8.25" &  8.5" 
Death Skateboards was started in London in 1998. Skater owned and run by Nick Zorlac.
The name is in reference to the fact that mainstream media proclaimed that skateboarding was ‘Dead’ at the end of the 1970’s

I was lucky enough to skate with Death for a while and Nick was instrumental in helping us out at the start of Wight Trash.
Death boards and wheels remain one of our most popular, and if you want to see some great skating then check out the DVDs too.