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We know when people are starting out, you might not want to spend too much on your first skateboard. There are however a load of really bad completes on sale out there. We have had many a kid come into the skate shop with a skateboard bought by well intended family or friends, but the wheels don't even go around! 
Our skate club, with over 200 kids skating every week, offers the perfect testing ground for various completes. Which means we only sell the boards we know are good for the price.
These Fracture completes have been popular. Good quality graphic with lots of room for stickers. A decent starter board. 
This 8" is an average full size deck. Suggested age approx 6-12yrs.
  • 7 Ply 100% Canadian Maple Deck Construction - New Improved Shape
  • Fracture Wings Trucks with Embossed Logo on Base Plate
  • Fracture Uni Wheels - White Urethane 50-54mm. 100a – Super High Rebound Formula
  • Fracture Dual Coloured ABEC 5 Premium Precision Bearings
  • Fracture 1” Allen Hardware - Single Gold Bolt Indicates the Nose
  • Fracture Premium Quality Grip Tape