Wight Trash is our skate company and skate shop based on the Isle of Wight.
Starting as a phrase my friends and I would use as we skated back in the day, Wight Trash was made official in 2004. With help from the legendary Don Brider, and Nick Zorlac aka Death Skateboards, we were up and running with t-shirts, stickers and boards.

We have strive to produce the best and stupidest random things, clothing, and skateboards, all of which are tested by our rag tag kick-ass team of misfits. We don't sell anything we don't use ourselves day in day out.
Our team are based all over the UK with guest riders even further afield, they have 2 main things in common, they are all great at what they do and creative in their skating and are all super decent folk.
After 10 years with an online presence, we decided to open Wight Trash World skate shop. A bricks and mortar hub for all things skating. If you are ever on the island come and find us, hang out, play retro games machines, chill out in the garden or have a turn on 'The Thing' to get your name on the 'Wall of Doom'!

The island currently has no concrete parks, and no purpose built indoor (we're working on it!) but it does have plenty of shit spots, and that is what Wight Trash is about! The very best of creative, fun skateboarding, in the least fashionable way possible!
Through our skate club we now teach a whole new generation, the philosophy is simple, do your own thing, skate for fun and support the independent UK skate scene.

I hope to see you at a shit spot soon.
John Cattle
Wight Trash.