John Cattle

John Cattle


Its going to be weird asking myself questions, so i’m just going to tell y’all some stuff instead.John Cattle | Wight Trash Skateboards

I’ve been skating for over 20 years and I’m still loving it.

Like to skate pretty much anything out there, but mostly what most other people wouldn’t want to…..
shitty spots are a passion of mine, as you’ll probably see from my photos and footage.

I had my first piece of coverage in the same R.A.D. magazine issue as Flynn did, which was at the 1993 Winchester Competition. That was such a fun event all round and because of that I ended up winning the ‘Top Raver’ trophy – for running around like a maniac, ollieing ,and high jumping everything in site.

Faze7 Distribution then hooked me up to ride for Channel 1 Skateboards….. and then when Faze7 formed Panic – I was moved over to that. Panic was cool, got to skate and hang out with Baines, Shier, Kennedy, Selly and Pritchard. We did some touring, that ended up us all getting arrested and also did a challenge on You Bet, which you may find online somewhere – but please don’t. Btw it was planned that I fell off so much in that, honestly (ahem).

I blew my knee out on a roof gap in Brading in 1998 and was unfortunately misdiagnosed for a year or 2 with a sprain – sprains don’t make a snapping noise though. Wish i’d pursued that more at the time, but hey ho. My knee is still pretty jacked even nowadays but it doesn’t affect my skating too much, although it probably does explain I guess why I skate the crap I do. Mud is a lot softer on these old bones.

After Panic and my injury, was Death Skateboards. Nick Zorlac hooked me up as a character and didn’t care I couldn’t skate. I gradually got a bit better and was able to film a section or 2 for the Death videos. Nick then helped me to create my hillbilly heaven ‘Wight Trash’.

Wight Trash started back in 2004 – I got local friends together and made a team, produced some logo boards, along with shirts and stickers.

I finally got my dream team in 2007, which saw old friends such as, Greg Nowik, Flynn Trotman and Chris Atherton added to the team.

John Cattle | Wight Trash SkateboardsAnd now we have more new riders that you’ll see on site who, in my mind, are the best and most creative skateboarders of this time – including Jesse James, Munk and Daryl Partington aka D.A.R.Y.L. – all of which will have pro decks out by August 2013. PLUS! old time amigo Frank Stephens has just come on board, and I am so very hyped on that. Look out for his Mr Penguin deck that will also be out in August.

We have a couple of guest riders at present, both were a huge influence on my skateboarding. Alex Moul being the first and now Kris Markovich too. Those guys still get me hyped to go skate and always will. I’m hoping to get a couple of other big influences on me as guest riders soon too, but you’ll have to wait for their names.

Also in the team are all my long time Isle of Wight buddies, who help out with skating , filming, music, graphics and all manner of other things that make Wight Trash possible.

– our I.O.W. crew includes –

Tomsy, James & Simon Ioannou, Lektroluxe, Jack Phoenix, Matt Hillier, Zippy, Jim & Rob Homes, Pete @ Island CD & Mitch Brock.

– our mainland crew are –

Jon Horner, Don Brider aka The Donz , Michael Stradling aka Pro, Harvey Mills, Big Bird, Mike Radforth and Adam & Jane at Ifive Distribution.

The Isle of Wight itself is a crazy diverse place that has spawned such things as: the first testing of ballistic missile engines…. and those engines then went on to help the first satellite into space…. and later the Apollo Space Program that put people on the moon. Pretty awesome right !?! In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the Island also had the most influential rock festivals of a generation, and is now reviving this in the 21st century with all its new festivals – including soon the Wight Trash festival, that will start 2014/15 and be the best thing ever, obviously hahaha

The Island has been a home to David Icke, Mark King, Jet Harris, Leonard Cramp, Jackson Analogue, The Bees, Boe Weaver, James Nye & Jeremy Irons……. along with many many other talented thinkers, musicians, inventors, writers, actors and artists.


The towns of Sandown and Shanklin towns regularly top the British sunshine league due to our sub tropical temperatures and our Red Squirrels and Buzzards have a haven here to breed and breed and breed. They regularly battle each other on the Islands favourite TV show, Buzzards vs Squirrels. Don’t worry the squirrels get blades attached to them to make it a fairer fight.

There’s so much more but I’ll leave it to you to google the Isle of Wight, trust me it’s a very interesting place and if you come you’ll have a great time (just not in the Winter).

You’ll see us (Isle of Wighters) occasionally mentioned on TV, for either being stuck in a 1960s time warp or for our celebrated inbreeding, but as you’ll learn if you come here there is a little bit more to this place too. We now have broadband and mobile phones. Bigger mobile phones though as our 6 fingers can’t cope with the tiny one. Jus kidding, I’m from the Island, I can say shit like that.

Hopefully see y’all soon on our sunny diamond Isle.

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