Joe Moore

Joe Moore is an absolute mind melter when it comes to skateboarding! I’ve always been a massive fan of Joe and i’m so stoked to announce that he’s just turned Pro for us. There seems to be no sign of his creativity slowing down and I know he’s got more madness planned for this year and next and any other year too.

I, along with many viewers, spend half the time when watching his videos shouting ‘WTF’ at the screen…. and then rewindingand trying to figure out the trick. He’s definitely something else and, as you’ll no doubt see in his videos, has so much fun doing his thing on his board.

I’ve had the privilege of watching this lovely guy come up with an idea for a trick, through looking at his surroundings….. and then got to witness his sheer persistance to get that trick idea made into it’s reality. I genuinly had trouble filming what I saw as i kept getting distracted by what he was doing.

A true skateboarding genius in every way. So very happy to have Joe as part of the hillbilly family.