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Jesse James | Wight Trash RidersWe had a work experience come over to slack off with us at Wight Trash for a week, his name was Dean. Dean got bored! There’s not much work experience at Wight Trash. more dicking around than experience. Dean wanted something to do and he liked what he saw of Jesse James’ videos… So we renamed Dean and put him to ‘work’ to ‘experience’ interviewing someone. See, we did our bit for the next generation.

Anyway, here is that thing i just talked about…

Hello I’m now a Drone aka Dean :)

So I’m now have to ask some questions, right so what inspires you to skate and come up with your crazy/weird ideas?

I wouldn’t call them crazy or weird, they are just ideas, I don’t set out to have ‘crazy’ ideas, they are just ideas.

Dreams inspire me, toys inspire me, society inspires me, insecurities inspire me, reality and all its lies inspire me.

Who’s your idol for skating?

I have lots of favourites.

Avi will always be the greatest, and must be witnessed in real time to truly understand why. 88mph of electrickery into the past present and future.

When I get round to finishing my part of the baton the whole world will see his genius for what it truly is.

If you could pick any team to ride for which would you pick and why?

Bob Dobbs, Avi, Bill Hicks, Dr Brown, John Cattle, Vivian Stanshall, Cody Banilevic, Ivor Cutler, Will Sayer, Tristan Tzara, the Residents, Julio de la Cruz, and the psammead.

We will only skate in the forbidden zone and worship Eris with Golden Apples every morning.

John told me to flick through this book and the one thing I read was ‘the human race will begin solving its problems on the day that it ceases taking itself so seriously’ and in the book it’s called the golden rule so what’s your view on this?

I think I have bought 6 copies of that book. It changed my life. My stand point is similar to that of Malaclypse the younger when he explains himself to the Greater Poop,

Sometimes I take humor seriously. Sometimes I take seriousness humorously. Either way it is irrelevant.’

I’m not very good at dealing with the human race, people scare me.

What was the first ever deck you had?

It was an orange fish board with blue rails from a toy store, my dad bought it back after he had been away somewhere, and my brother got Lego technic. I must have been younger than I am now, maybe 3 or 4. But I just knee boarded and gave up. Lego technic sucked, you just get big indents on your knees no matter how steep the hill was.

How long have you been riding?

Almost about not quite long enough.

What’s your best trick that you have landed?

I have laughed too hard at numerous tricks so I can’t decide between them.

Rock-hit airs are getting a lot of rotation at the minute, It is all getting abit ropey at the moment too.

Obviously along with pat-a-cakes, spot the dogs, poke-a-pie and their endless variations.

What trick would you most like to learn and why?

Regular lucid dreaming, I tend to get excited and wake myself up though. One time I explained to myself how to fly, I fully believe it will work, I will try it before I die… probably only just before I die though.

As for skating, I haven’t thought of it yet, there are a few in the black book I need to play with, some need some inflating or rope or water or lubricating first though.

Where’s the place you most like to ride?

In my dreams, I can do huge wallies, it’s the best feeling, like 50 foot. Then I can go home and try and excrete out kittens in socks.

Why do you like the theme of movies and their quotes?

  • They tell a story which both you and I can change.
  • It may look like a mess but every clip has a meaning in itself in relation to the overall transmission and thought process.
  • All my favourite videos growing up had fascinating clips in.
  • Mind control of the pinks.

Why did you start to use your hands instead of your feet?

It was funnier; all tricks should be done based on laughter. So should the street league scoring system. Then again, energy drinks aren’t funny.

Who is RAW?

Raw is numerous people who have affected my thoughts.

One being Robert Anton Wilson

One other is the initials of my grandfather that just passed. In another strange synchronicity I just found out he was intrigued by many similar things and realities as me.

I only just started to learn how fascinating his mind was.

Why did you pick skateboarding over every other sport like football?

Because skateboarding lets me let it be whatever I want it to be.

Do your friends help you and encourage you to come up with and make your ideas?

The whole world does, but tricks tend to be funnier when it’s a party. Will Sayer has given me a lot of encouragement in the woods on numerous occasions over the years, and on board the titanic.

What’s the worst accident you have had?

I don’t know I did pass out on the way home from Leicester on Monday; I managed to pull over beforehand though. The whole day was very surreal.

How many bones have you broke whilst riding?

None, STFs are amazing. Ankles however are not.

When you flip the board with your hands do you just do it randomly or do you flip a certain way?

There’s a knack for the luck of it, my patented pat-a-patch definitely helps. Like most things though they just start off as a one off idea that would be funny to do, and then eventually they become more consistent and funnier the more you battle the laws of chance.

Where’s the place you would most like to skate outside the UK?

Boston and the east coast in June, mainly because the Fancy lads are going to take us on an adventure to find Chocki, those guys understand Eris to her full potential.

What’s the best material you like to ride in a park? wood, metal or concrete?

The bit just outside…if not further.

When it snows have you ever tried turning your deck into a snowboard?

No but I have used my skateboard in the snow.

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