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Greg Nowik

Greg Nowik | Wight Trash RidersMini Ramp Champ, and all round transitional super soldier – Greg Nowik – has been on the competition circuit since 1987. I first witnessed him at the 1989 Deathbox Comp at the Shide Ramp complex on the Isle of Wight skating along side Alex Moul, Rocker, Don Brider, Sean Goff, Jimmy Boyes, Steve Schneer, Martin Wager, Steve Jolliffe, Steve Pannell, Scott Wilson, and many more. I’ve been lucky enough/unlucky enough to call him a friend ever since. Just joshing, really lucky to know this bell ringer.

Since the 80′s Greg has been destroying ramps, parks, bowls and sometimes also street spots, (in his ‘Street Nowik’ guise), the world over and shows no sign of slowing down. Well maybe a slight sign of slowing….but don’t mention it though. Here’s an interview with that physical entity that is he…….

What got you into skateboarding?

Seeing the Donz do a wall ride when I was riding my BMX. My mate had a skateboard and I was getting him to bring it out more and more. I did both the BMX and Skateboarding for a while until I smashed my head in on the BMX and decided that the skateboarding was safer!

What was your first bit of coverage?

Backside Melon at Monks Ditch, and a Noseblunt over the Slide in Mayflower Park. Both in the same issue of RAD. I was 14.

How did you get your first sponsor?

The Donz and Mark Abbott, (Brand-X Team Manager at the time), were starting to take me places to skate. Eventually Mark asked if I wanted to be on Brand-X.

Who have your sponsors been over the years?

My board Sponsors have been:

  • Brand-X ( Which then became Triple-X )
  • Bash
  • Deathbox (Flow)
  • Vision
  • Blue
  • Acme
  • Bigspin
  • Players
  • Panic
  • Black Market
  • Ennvi
  • Wight Trash

Also i’m currently riding for Death Urethane, Independent Trucks (Flow), Santa Cruz Clothing and Vans.


  • Don Brider
  • Danny Way
  • Tony Hawk
  • Jed Cullen

Favourite old school video?

Hokus Pokus

latest favourite video?

Heel Toe Magic …. Plug! (Greg has a full section in Heel Toe Magic)

Favourite video part of all time?

Danny Way’s On Video part (Living legend!)

Favourite skaters?

  • Danny Way
  • The Donz
  • Flynn Trotman
  • Jed Cullen
  • Marc Churchell
  • Andy Scott
  • Danny Wainwright
  • Trev Johnson
  • Manhead
  • Raemers
  • Haslam
  • Daewon

To name a few, could end up with quite a list….

Your occupation?

Desktop Support Engineer

Favourite place to skate?

Recently came back from the USA. So many parks out there, and we only sampled a small percentage. I could stay at Orcas Island for a long time!!

Your philosophy on skateboarding…. your advice to youngsters?

You don’t get anywhere saying “I can’t” all of the time. Try, try and then try some more! You will make it in the end! Then you’ll also get to roll away with a big smile on your face! 🙂

What do you get from skateboarding?

A life !!!