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Flynn Trotman

Bristol powerhouse – Flynn Trotman – first came into public view back in the late 1980′s, and had his first bit of coverage in R.A.D magazine.

He started out his sponsorship career on Blueprint in 1995 and had his first full section on the Panic and Blueprint collaborational video – A Mixed  Media in 1996. Flynn always blows me away to this day with his determination to get the trick. Inspirational to watch and you can’t help but get hyped to land your trick too when your around him.

Flynn is also now a qualifies physio, and so if you mess yourself up he’ll be there to fix you. Definitely handy on tour.


Flynn’s Interview…

What first got you into skateboarding?

Flynn Trotman | Wight Trash SkateboardsWhen kids on the estate started – pretty much after we all saw Back to the Future; then I fully got into skating one day.

I was going to football practice and these two brothers (who lived on the estate) wanted to kick my arse.
They see me, and started chasing me… i peaced them out by out skating them… ‘I thought this is dope, fuck football!’

Where was your first bit of coverage?

Winchester Comp fuck knows the year, picture in RAD though well hyped. All the Salisbury heads shined going so I thought fuck it, going on my own. Came back, went to a party, and met some floosie ha ha fun times at a young age Dope as!

How you got hooked up with first sponsor?

Nowik put a good word in for me with Faze and that’s why I’m safe as fuck to the Nowik-a-nator. Cheers Greg!

History of sponsors?

Bigspin (toy company)
Reaction (toy company)
Creme (toy company)

Present ones:

Wight Trash

Shiner (distribution) still hooks me up when I need Independent trucks and Ricta wheels.


Dollin, Eagles, Boulala, NBP collective, any peaceful person who ain’t aggressive and fighting.

Favourite video (old School)?

Shackle me Not – H-street

Favourite video (new)?

Flip mode squad 3, Bob is the beast D Way step up!

Favourite video part of all time?

Any Kirchart / Greco / Dollin / Reynolds / Rowley / Appleyard

Favourite skaters?

Korahn Gayle, Paul Karta, Greg Nowik, Tom Murray, the smiling one.

Your occupation?

Student (now a qualified Physiotherapist 2015)

Favourite place to skate?

Mellow ramp and flat right now.

Your philosophy on skateboarding / advice to youngsters?

Keep smiling for sures, and don’t neglect studies!