NEW DEAL SKATEBOARDS: Sargent Monkey Neon 9.625"

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New Deal Sargent Monkey Neon Deck 9.625"

  • Width: 9.625”. Length: 31.2”.
  • Double drilled Wheelbase: 14.5” or 15" 
  • Mellow Concave.
  • Originally release in 1990.

New Deal are back with a reissue of their original range of skateboards. Celebrating 30 years since Andy Powell and Steve Douglas started things off. 

New Deal offered something fresh to the scene back in the day. It was exciting times and these graphics will be well remembered by many.  Check out the original '15 Minute promo' video from 1990 if you want a trip down memory lane, or if you weren't born then, check out what can be done on these decks.