HEROIN SKATEBOARDS: Razor Symmetrical Egg 9.25"

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Heroin Skateboards - Razor Symmetrical Egg 9.25"

Please Note stain colours may vary to those pictured


  • Symmetrical Egg Deck 
  • Width 9.25''
  • Length 32.125"
  • Wheelbase 14.25'
  • Nose 7"
  • Tail 7"
  • 7-Ply Canadian Maple
  • Wheel Wells
  • Razor Edge
  • Custom Symmetrical Shape

All Decks come with Free Griptape.

Heroin Skateboards is a British skate brand that was started by artist Mark “Fos” Foster. "Heroin Skateboards was started in a hospital bed after I severely broke my wrist in 1998. I spent four days in the hospital, during which time the lease on my house ran out, leaving me homeless, and my girl couldn’t handle the stress of it all and decided to leave me. At some point after all this, Heroin Skateboards was born. I know what you’re thinking, the name right? Let me explain. In England we have something called Irony. Me being straight edge and owning a company called Heroin Skateboards is a good example of this. People over here understand that it’s about addiction to skateboarding. Having a smashed wrist with pins holding it together, being homeless, and having my girl leave me made me realise that I really love skateboarding and no matter how bad it’s going to break me off I can never quit".