DVD: Toy Machine's First 4 - 3 disc Box Set

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This box set includes...

Toy Machine Live! & Heavy Metal

Ethan Fowler, Jahmal Williams, Jerry Fowler, Ed Templeton, Josh Kalis, Satva Leung, Jamie Thomas, and many more!! 
Originally released: 1994 & 1995
Running time: 52 minutes

Welcome to Hell

The DVD features Chad Muska’s original, un-released part that was cut from the video the first time 
Originally released: 1996
Running time: 30 minutes

Jump Off A Building

Brian Anderson, Mike Maldonado, Elissa Steamer, Bam Margera, Ed Templeton, Chris Senn, and Kerry Getz.
Originally released: 1998
Running time: 38 minutes