DGK: Sanchez T2022 Holographic Deck 8.25"

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DGK Street Soldier Henry Sanchez Terminator 2022 Holographic Skateboard Deck 8.25"

Limited Edition - Great one to add to the collection, looks awesome on the wall whether you are a skater or just a fan of the classic movie. 


  • Width 8.25"
  • Length 31.85"
  • Wheelbase 14.31"
  • Nose 6.75"
  • Tail 6.56"
  • 7 Ply Maple
  • FREE griptape

DGK stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids and was visioned by OG Philly and Love Park local Stevie Williams. Stevie created DGK Skateboards after he left Chocolate Skateboards and wanted to create the perfect skateboard brand for him and the style of skateboarding he represented. Aligning closely to street and hip-hop cultures, DGK became the home to many skateboarders who appreciated this style.

The famous DGK t-shirt I Love Haters was a huge success. As were many of DGK's collabs over the years, which included adidas Skateboarding, Fila shoes, G-Shock watches and of course, RBK. The DGK team is Stevie Williams, Dane Vaughn, Josh Kalis, Marcus McBride and Boo Johnson.