DVD: Jason Lee Skateboard Demo (Video Days era)

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"Nearly a year after the revolutionary Blind Video Days by Spike Jonze, Jason Lee (from the hit show My Name is Earl) and a demo team showed up to a small skate park in a small town outside of Pittsburgh and proceeded to tear it up. This video documents their inspired session.

A session that, being a year later from Video Days, Jason Lee has even more tricks under his belt. What kind of tricks? Let's just say Jason schools the handrails at the park. Backside nosegrinds, backside tailslides to fakie, Frontside 50/50s to 180 backside ollies out. And that's just for warm ups. By the end of the demo Jason was bustin' backside 180s to reverse 50/50s down the rail. He even pulls a clean backside 180 from the reverse 50/50! Did I forget to mention the noseslide to fakie out to revert? What?! These tricks would rule any skate demo in this day and age of the tech monsters.

Don't worry, Jason brought his homies with him. Team rider Steven Calas gets tech too. Bustin' kickflips to backside 50/50s down the rail (even with a jacked up arm). Not to mention, frontside 180s to reverse nosegrinds down the rails as well. All the skaters own the fun box hip as well, sailing head high smooth ollies left & right. But back to the style master himself. Mr. Lee wouldn't leave this demo without displaying some of his trademark style in his manual showcase. Big kickflip manuals, 180s to fakie nosemanuals, manuals to shoves, you name it.

The cool thing about this video is most of it (30 mins worth) is raw unedited skate footage. That's right, this footy is the demo as originally filmed, hand-held camera and all; falls, mishaps, etc. This raw film provides something you very rarely see in a professionally polished video today."

Running Time: 30mins