COMPLETE: Birdhouse 'Hawk Wings' 7.75"

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HAWK WINGS Stage 3 Complete Birdhouse Complete Skateboard 7.75" Black/Gold
A great standard board for beginners to intermediates. At 7.75" good for smaller skaters or those wanting to less width on their deck.
  • Birdhouse Laser Logo Black Powdercoat Trucks
  • 52mm Birdhouse Wheels
  • Die Cut Birdhouse Grip
  • Abec 5 Bearings
Birdhouse is Tony Hawks brand so that says something, can't promise they'll make you skate like him though. He's done alright for himself, and he's even older than me! 
He was the first to land a 900, back in 1999, so if you are looking for a trick to work towards then maybe that's the one!