TECH DECK Transforming Pipelines

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Tech Deck Transforming Pipelines

Transforming Playset: The Tech Deck Transforming Pipelines Modular Skatepark goes from an ordinary pipe to the ultimate skatepark. Fold it open to reveal two back-to-back bowls to carve, hit the ramps, shred the tombstone transfer or grind the rail to drop.
Compact Storage: When your session is done, simply fold the playset back into a pipe. Use it for storage for all the included pieces and fingerboard to take it with you to the next session.
Exclusive Fingerboard: Add to your fingerboard collection with the exclusive Santa Cruz Skateboards fingerboard included in the set. Use the bonus stickers to customize your board or your skatepark!


  • 1x Tech Deck Transforming Pipelines Playset
  • 1x Launch Ramp
  • 1x Flat Ramp
  • 1x Tombstone Obstacle
  • 1x Grind Rail
  • 1x Assembled Tech Deck
  • 1x Instruction Sheet