New Alex Moul guest board

Mouly is back once again with another guest board, and a damn fine one it is too!

This one is a BackYardBandits and Wight Trash colab with the main graphic by legendary artist Jose Cerda.

Check the deck section of our shop to see it.

Huge thanks to Mitch Brock for piecing it all together

Ben Grove guest board

Ben Grove guest board with a graphic of one of his heroes – George Best.

So very stoked to have Ben on our guest list. I’ve admired his style of skating for many years. He goes all out and has fun while he’s doing it.

Graphic penned by the striking Jon Horner.

Joe Moore is now Pro

Footloose fanatic Joe Moore now has his own pro deck on Wight Trash.

Check it out in the decks section of the shop, and also view his promo video here and now. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

John Cattle? You Bet!

The video footage of long ago times surfaced recently, the times of You Bet!, a saturday night challenge show that was hosted by Darren Day and Jet from Gladiators (circa 1996).

It shows someone falling off, a lot – John Cattle.

“Our practice was fine, everyone stayed on, and then that bell-ringer Darren Day brought up that it would be watched by about 10,000,000 people and so after visualising that many people…. my legs wouldn’t work right!”

Excuses, excuses!