Wight Trash's Hickstory...

Here's a little snippet about Wight Trash's history, where we come from, what we do and what we're all about. Enjoy!

Wight Trash is a company from, and also inspired by, the Isle of Wight. A place where me and my friends grew up and that had/has an abundance of really shit skatespots.

It started (officially) in 2004, although Wight Trash started a long time before as a phrase, we as friends, would call each other.

Logo T-shirts and stickers were made first by the legendary Don Brider, which were sold to friends and family. Then we did hoodies, and soon after that the skateboards came too with the help of Nick Zorlac aka Death Skateboards.

We have always strived to produce the best and stupidest random things, clothing, and skateboards over the last 10+ years, all of which have always been ethically sourced and of an awesome quaility too.

We have a rag tag kick-ass team of misfits using and testing out all this good stuff year to year and if it doesn't break or wear out easily, and at the same time has content that makes us laugh then it's a definite keeper! and is then sent out into the world.

Our team comprises of friends both old and new, who are always skating hard, being freakish, and generally helping make our 2014/15/16.... (somewhen) full length video 'YEAH WIGHT!' video into something oddly special. So fun to make and so painful too.

We have been really lucky too to have 2 of our skateboarding heroes involved as guest riders. First was Alex Moul, (think he's had 3 guest boards as I type this), and then Kris Markovich. Our 3rd planned rider is someone else who had a massive influence on mine and many thousands of other skaters in the late 80s and 90s too. Will keep you updated here with how that goes.

Wight Trash also does yearly events and competitions over here on the Isle of Wight, helping to spred this crazy thing called skateboarding that we love to the next generation.

2014 meant that we'd been doing this crazy sheet for 10 years..... and so we opened a shop in Ryde called Wight Trash World, which has been an amazing experience.

WTW has been a rad little hub for people to come into, hang out, play video games, and also to try and tackle 'THE THING'. That is the name of our constructed concrete nightmare that resides in our shop garden. If you can get a trick on this unskateable monster, you get your name on it's Wall Of Doom. No tricks from the wall can be done again, so you need to come up with something new. As you can imagine, this gets harder and harder as the tricks get crossed off. Heavy hitters on 'THE THING's Wall Of Doom are, Greg Nowik, Liam Teague and Adam Moss. With absolutely legendary sessions from each. Come have a go if you think you're hard enough haha. Challenge on!

It's 2015 and we now have our very own beer too. Kind of a dream come true and all thanks to the good people at Goddards Brewery. For more about our Wight Trash pale Ale go here: http://wightmarque.tasteofthewight.co.uk/wight-trash-pale-ale-new-wight-marque-ale-goddards and go here to get yourselves some.....


But always remember to drink irresponsibly and always use heavy machinery whilst you do so. I think that's the advice given